Friday, August 7, 2009

1-8 Follow Up System

Networkers who want to make money in this industry just must get into their mind, there are no other ways to make money than to begin to upgrade and purchase advertising packages if you for example are in a profit sharing program or purchase a mobile phone, if that is the requirement in such a company to sell that product to others then.This isn´t anything new for an experienced networker, to those I am saying, remind yourself about the foundations and why you have learnt specific things.

It is so easy to forget what we have learnt, so we are gliding back to old habits again.

Why did we learn not to do as some "guru" told as to do? Why did we learn to follow those examples that we could trust in? We know what have taken us this far, but believe me, there is so much more to learn and bigger money to be made!

We always need to extend our marketing and try to find new, creative ways to achieve our goals.....

That is why I decided to call my company Creative Marketer!

I will post my main marketing strategy here again:

1.Invite before you sell something
2.You don´t need to convince them once they are convinced
3.Build trust
4.It´s easier to sell your product or service to someone who have already bought from you
5.Try to target your marketing
6.Don´t spam anyone, ever!
7.Be nice and polite but also a little straightforward
8.Practise all those holy 7!

If you follow this follow up system you should see more free members upgrade cause this is the constant problem for every marketer to get more upgrades.

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