Sunday, August 30, 2009


I get a lot of invitations from many networkers and I am glad for that, but I just can´t accept all the invitations and jump on everything.I accept some of the invitations that seems most interesting, but that doesn´t mean that I have time to be right there from that time fulltime, so to say.Of course we know that networkers are busy on other businessites and social communities as well, and we must have some common sense in this.We can´t be online 24 hours a day.The most of us still have a regular job to run as well.

So, have some common sense in this and don´t make people to be burnt out!

Give some freedom and space for netwokers to figure out how and where they want to spend their time online.

In a time of turbulence it´s very easy to make the wrong decisions, so don´t make your most important decisions during any panic or turbulence.Wait until the storm is over.It´s not easy, but panic will always make you to make the wrong decisions, whether it is on or offline.

Are you happy? Our feelings go up and down and our temper can be hard to control sometimes, but it is when we are calm as we can make the sound decisions.We can react over many strange things in this world, but we need to forgive those who want to do harm against us, that´s life!

Don´t worry be happy! It´s not always easy, but it is positive thinking.....

It was a while ago I wrote about 10DollarsWonder and it is time for that now.I have read that some draws conclusion that it is almost "over" with that program now, but it still cycles and you still get credits towards your advertising.It may cycle slower now, but it still works and I don´t know how long it will last, but one thing is for sure, it is strong for such a system and program to have been online for so long, so give the admin some credit for that now and purchase/repurchase a little more often....

Many networkers want that one shall "guarantee" that a program will last forever online.Is it possible to guarantee that?

No.A fund or stock also go both up and down in the businessworld.

Use common sense, rational thinking and be logical.Be sound, love your neighbour!

But always strive for looking for program that have the potential for being online for years.

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