Sunday, August 16, 2009


I joined 15AdsDaily

yesterday and I have seen them online for quite a time now.This is a part of my Creative Marketing Concept

to check out if the programs are long term programs or not.I have had plans to join this one earlier but the right time was now.

Owned and Operated by Professionals,

so that everybody can make money!

with significant money management and online marketing experience, 15 Ads Daily is a program designed to last and provide a steady income for years to come. Stable, tested software ensures smooth operations. Free members are welcome to join and refer others, paid members can enjoy significant revenue from a totally passive , unique opportunity. We pay out every week, week in week out. No hype, no flashy videos. No monthly fees, no false promises. We share 90% of what we earn, until the value of your initial AdPack has doubled, it's that simple. And all you need to do is login to the site every day and surf 15 sites, some of which will probably even offer you an additional income opportunity that is right for you!!! How's that for a win win situation!!!

My group on Facebook
has grown to 73 members now and you should join Get Your Blog Followers if you want more traffic to your blog.We all need that, don´t we?

I must show you a very interesting article on the history of advertising that I found on a search, it paints up a beautiful picture of what the roots of advertising is and is written with passion, believe me!

Again, I don´t jump on every opportunity out there, but do a research all the time and check the status of the programs.By this you can limit the risks all the time and there are better possibilities to get in good profit in those businesses as well.

I can see of my earnings in my balances that my business is moving forward, earnings are increasing! It´s more on plus now than before.Of course I have my eyes on that all the time:) It´s hard and smart work that gives the results, nothing else.Don´t ever believe anyone claiming any "get rich quick scheme", cause that´s a lie.It´s hard and motivated work online that will give you the real results, that´s a fact, that´s it, are you with me?

Go on and work now!

Alright, here is an old commercial from McDonalds from the 70:s,

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