Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attract and don´t decieve others

What is freedom? What is addiction? Do have balance in building your business.
Some will like what you write, some don´t.Do you have to please others all the time when you write? You will get friends you will get enemies.There are those who will threat you in all kinds of ways, there are those who will stick to you, when you are telling the truth!

Get your freedom in life and love those who hate you.You will get your true friends along the way if you dare to be yourself.

I have heard all kinds of advises along the way.Some are good, other advises are most manipulative and very decieving.

I am the one who absolutely wants to show the possibilities for others to make money, but I am also the one who wants to protect others of falling into different traps, that´s for sure.I will never ever avoid the truth and chose to be dealing with
some kind of ugly deals.I only want to make decent money in the way I am doing it.

In fact, if you follow some eternal principals of making money, it always works.

1.Be generous
2.Avoid greediness
3.Help others
4.Don´t deal with the bad guys
5.Seek friendship with wise people
6.Don´t waste your money in bad programs
7.Seek programs were you get a decent and fair return on them
8.Practise all those holy 7

That was all for today.

Adventures4U is catching up after processing to the new site and successful and very prosperous!

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