Monday, August 3, 2009

Cause YOU deserve it!

I have a certain goal with my blog and that is to give advises and write my posts so they will be like a series of courses.

What course?

In internet marketing of course, but it may include some psychological lessons as well, hehe.

I build my business the ethical way and I hope you are doing the same.The admins that I know who wants their program to stay for a long time online, they learn from others mistakes not to repeat them.

And why would we repeat someone else´s mistake? Learn from history.

To make money on the internet requires patience, the right knowledge and the right contacts.Also the right product and service of course.I am trying to give you advises here so you can take them with you, and bless others in the right direction.

Today you are overflooded with advises, but who has the right ones? Make your own judgement!

It has to be exciting for you as well......not in a way that something sensational must happen every time you sit down by the computer, but in your attitude!

Let your excitement grow, not Hype, that´s a lie, so to say!

Have passion for your business and let it grow, make your well deserved money!


Nilofer said...

Great Blog and very useful for new bloggers. Thanks for the info. Happy blogging...

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Nilofer! Yes, I am targeting towards them even if experienced bloggers and marketers can find advises here as well:)

Happy Blogging!