Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Comparison

Have you ever compared a business opportunity to funds or stocks? I have and in fact, it was an interesting comparison.You could say that the program in a certain situation have a specific value and a certain amount of revenue shares, less or hopefully more so it even could be a reserve.

Is it possible then to share more of revenues then if the reserves are good? That´s up to the admin, but hopefully for the members:) Some programs are better than others here.

A fund or stock goes up on the market and unfortunately they went down again.You must try to have the timing to sell right before they go down again, that is how it works if you would make a profit from them.

Now to the question, how to set the value on a profit sharing program?

If the program has a sound model and a steady flow of revenue shares we should set it to a high value.If it has a model where networkers upgrade like crazy in the beginning just to discover that it won´t hold for long, we of course must set it to a less value.

So, this timing should tell you where to upgrade, when to do it and how much you should spend when you purchase your ad pack or product.

What is the "value" of the business you are promoting? Are you taking too high risks, are you taking too low risks? You must be aware that every business have at least some risks even if some programs of course are more stable than others.
And here comes the value in again, the more stable company has more "value", of course.

Of course we must do our part as members and promote the programs, but we also must ask ourselves, what is the actual "value" of a certain program.

Gladly I can tell you that the most of the programs I have in my portfolio are on their way up, and that´s a good thing.

Another thing here.....

Are you like I, you want to help to decrease the unfair situation in the world, to help poor people? I just want to share a thought here....

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d4k9z said...

Yeah! if we could all help the poor get richer that would be great.
Alas the Rich always get richer off the backs of the poor.That is the sad fact of life.
Time for a change???
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