Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little story.....

I always get fascinated by the history and what it means for us today.Yesterday I saw a timeline of advertising history and I think it can be of interest for you as well,

Timeline of Advertising

Advertising is a real product and if you help people to find good sources for advertising, you are doing them a service.Advertising is BIG on the internet, thats for sure.In general, information of different kind is the best product to sell on the internet and different services are also very attractive, that is my conviction.And if you have experience online you can help a lot of people and they will start to support you by market your products and services as well.Don´t be afraid to show that they can do something useful for you as well, by that you can show others that they are achieving experience themselves.....

Now to some updates.

Global Revenue Share

is still doing 14% of revenue shares every week, so Henryk has showed that he had a good solution to the failure with Affiliated Product Network.That was really a good solution to that situation.

I got an interesting message from Dean at 15AdsDaily
that some BIG changes will come on the site, so that will be exciting.I haven´t been a member there for long, but my earnings have started to grow also there:)


Cheryl Coldiron said...

Hey Mattias
Great blog with some very good information. Keep up the good work!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks for the comments.