Monday, August 31, 2009

The Outside Revenue Stream

You know that I am an affiliate of several revenue sharing programs, you have read that.And now we see that the need to find an outside revenue stream is more and more crucial.It will be very hard to only depend on upgrades of ad packages, even if it could last rather long that way, it seems to be more efficient to find a researched outside revenue stream that you know is attractive on the market right now.

Cause I don´t think that anyone would try to sell t-shirts or something and seriously believe that that should would be an efficient outside stream of income into the program?

No, the founder of the revenue sharing program must research the market and find the attractive product or service which will be the successful outside revenue stream.

Are you with me?

Development to create the even more successful revenue sharing programs!

Are you now going to clone what someone else is doing? I don´t seriously believe in clones I believe in unique models, but what I do believe in is to learn from each other without cloning.

I believe that this will create the stronger programs and businesses in this industry.

So, models where you aren´t only depending on upgrades, but also good, researched outside revenue streams.

Thank you for your time!

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