Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paid With Verification


I got paid again from Steve in Adventures4U with 50 dollars.I had 114 dollars in my balance but I never take out the full payment as my number of ventures would decrease then, but take out slightly under 50% of the full payment and let the rest rollover.

One member asked about this rollover system yesterday on Adventures Skypesupport
and she didn´t understand it so we tried to explain it and I think she will understand it with our help and with the help of FAQ.

Ventures expire in order so let me explain how that works. Your % of earnings will be based on how many ventures you own. To make it easy for you and ad-ventures we decided that ventures will expire in the order they are recieved. Example will be this you own 200 ventures payout is 30 dollars. You will get automatic rollover in your account to 215 ventures. If you decide in the 3 day allowed time to cash out your earnings then in your account you would see 185 ventures remaining to revenue share on. This does a couple of things--let's our members know exactly how many ventures they have and makes it easier on admin to track and keep up with your earnings.

And in fact, one of the main reasons to Adventures4U:s success is this rollover system.If you not request any cash out for the weekly earnings they rollover to more ventures where 10 ventures is worth 10 dollars.

When you request the payment you also must verify this payment on a link in your gmail.This is for security reasons.And with the new script we are much more secure.

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That was all for today!

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