Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Social Media Is Crucial

Yesterday I started a group on Facebook called Get Your Blog Followers.

This is the continuation of a successful discussion that I started in blog catalog.

This is the BIG benefit with social media, you can reach a lot of targeted networkers with a single invitation and start a group, and as in this case, get followers to your blog and by that the exposure you need.Not only that, but a bunch of social people who wants to communicate with you and get to know you as the unique person you are.

We are all unique and we shall be! Dare to be yourself and don´t try to copy anyone else, cause the gold in YOU wants to come forth.

We all need to take a grip of the gifts that exists inside of us and do something creative with them.What gifts do you have? What are you good at? I am sure you can count the gifts in you if you start....

Social Media is crucial, we want it, we use it and we know that it has come to stay.In the old times people were gathered on the caf├ęs and played some chess maybe, discussed politics and so on.Today, people are gathered online at Twitter, Facebook and similar communities to discuss the topics for the day.

This is crucial and if you want to market your products or services, Social Media has their groups for that too.You have seen that I market my business here, but sometimes I feel I want to write about other specific topics too.


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Wishing you all the success.


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks.Yes, I believe that it will create traffic to your blog as well as you participate.Bless you!