Sunday, August 9, 2009

Video Marketing

Do you need video marketing? I think you do!

You get somewhat closer to your readers and customers and you show that you are not like anyone who needs to hide anything.

We all have are own ways of marketing and our special ways of doing it.It isn´t only to copy what someone else is doing and then set it on autopilot, I don´t believe in that, but I definitely believe in building a real business and get "near" your customers.Now there are some autofunctions I might like from time to time but I seldom use the same welcoming messages all the time, I merely try to personalize them.

Of course I build lists and send out to them, but I try to get "near" my customers as mentioned.

So, check out my latest video here:

Get Your Blog Followers


Beth said...

I love youtube, it is a great source of traffic to your site with marketing techniques. My favorite is uploading have to see tv shows and setting parts as private so that the viewer visits your blog so they can watch the entire show.

Mattias Kroon said...

Smart idea.Thanks Beth!