Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Followers

What are you focusing when you are marketing?
To get in sign ups or to get in paying members?
I can recruit but I have seen a difference when I set the goal to have paying members and not only free members in my downline.Now my downline is longer in those programs where I have been a member for longer time.

Traffic, traffic to your blog, don´t you want that? We always need more visitors, that´s a fact.

And the most efficient way to get it? We know that there are many ways, but when you like this, get blog followers to your blog who show genuine interest for your blogging, it feels satisfying...

Get Your Blog Followers is a group on Facebook that I have started and we are 259 members now and increasing.

There are a variety of blogs and very interesting material indeed I must say.Many talents there!

A later update here!!

I believe we are heading something BIG right now! Something BIG is going to happen!

Let me remind you that I am always working towards financial freedom and I want to find it one way or the other.

A concept I absolutely find amazing is this goldsite, which will be the outside revenue stream to Adventures4U now.And they are working on the revenue program right now... 

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