Friday, September 11, 2009

The Door To Life

As many of you may know I love poetry and have written a lot of poetry and I thought it was time for a contribution here:

The Door To Life

You are watching it, only watching it
But you don´t dare to open it yet
Wonder what can be behind it?
Only neverland or what?

The latest time you opened one, it was closed
You had to go back before it did
This year you have to have faith to open a new
When you have stopped the lie things will become true

Finally you entered through this promising door
The promised land hiding behind the door of life
was more than you had hoped for and believed
Let us now discover those surprises, let it be revealed....

Can you see what it´s all about can you hear the music?
Can you watch the birds in the trees singing like angels?
They only want to encourage you they won´t lead you astray
When you know you are breathing the life, on the only way

Which leads to life, righteousness and more to come
Cause you knew all the time, this must be real
You touch the sky leaves are painting the ground
God knows what you have done, He knows what you have found!

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