Monday, September 28, 2009

Genius Funds

As I have mentioned I have begun to invest in funds and Genius Funds is one of them.They have one daily plan with 1-1.9% ROI, and one weekly:

Emerging Markets Growth Fund
1.0% - 1.9%, Daily payments
World Bond Market Fund
6.0% - 9.0%, Weekly payments

I would think it is a very good suggestion for many revenue sharing programs to add some real profitable funds as outside revenue streams to their programs without taking too high risks.
Remember that not every fund is high risk funds but just good funds to invest your money in.
And when I did some research on this one, I heard that it is a trusted one.

I knew that I would have to include some funds in my portfolio, cause it is smooth to have those besides as you can spare time for other activities then on communities and where you meet your associates.

It takes some time to build up your earnings in the revenue sharing programs but when you have more earnings in your balance it´s a matter of weekly withdrawals, but remember, not more than 50%, cause then your advertising packages will decrease.There are some diffences amongst the models but rather many of them have the rollover system now, as an autorepurchase of the earnings left in your balance that you haven´t withdrawn.

If this sounds complicated for the newcomer, just put your question in the comment section:)

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