Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Listen! Communicate Now!

Often it is like this when you write a blog, you have to wait for the right moment to start writing it, the timing....

And now it was here, hehe..

The world leaders are again warning for greediness, they say that the mistakes that created this crisis are on their way again.

Now, how to avoid this then? The leaders in the business world just have to be more ethical in their way of doing business.In my way it is only one way that leads in the right direction and that is to design internet business opportunities that are as fair as they can be, designed so that people who sign up also later in the program can begin to earn directly as well.

To be honest, this year when we have seen so many revenue sharing programs be borned we should be glad for models that are more generous than many of the MLM-programs where the Top recieves too much.

Now I believe that also the revenue sharing programs need development and in fact many of those admins in those programs listen to constructive suggestions, so be sure to contribute when you have good ideas! 

One kind of development will definitely be outside revenue streams to stabilize the program and make chances bigger to last for longer.

Do you have an admin that communicates good enough?

That is something crucial!

Fortunately I have seen those who have become good at this and that´s the mature behaviour!

I really recommend this one for you as the admin in his latest email prooved good communication, and it is a good revenue flow in it:


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