Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Domain

This is my domain so far, and if you have a better one, congrats, but this is mine!

I am impressed with some things when it comes to networkers in this industry and it is not only by how much money they have earned!

It´s also about what kind of attitudes they have towards others and how they treat others along the way.

We always need to learn more cause using computers requires new experiences all the time.Do we all need to be like genious workers? No, I don´t think so, I believe that opportunities online are more for those who are interested and for rather average people as well.

So, brand yourself with your own domain!

We all work in different ways and we have no rights to claim that others are doing the wrong things all the time if they don´t copy what we are doing, be a little generous.Are all the stores offline copies of each other? Of course not, hehe.

To write blogs are also for those who raises some thoughtprovoking writings and who are a part of strengthening democracy.A blog can be for all kinds of purposes, do what you are convinced about and know one thing, your content on your blog is as important as the theme or design, even if this must be nice as well!

We are on different levels but I will continue to help those who need my services.

YOU can sell a product or a SERVICE, it is as good.

I suppose you are on Twitter, if not here is the link,


Teresa Schultz said...

I agree that having a blog as well as a domain is a great way to reach customers (or to reach out to them), as well as interact with them.

I'm pleased to see your blogger blog has the name/URL comment option id enabled - so many blogger blogs don't enable it, and this means, that if somebody doesn't belong to any of the other categories, can get no link back to their own site unless they type it into the actual comment and hope the blog owner passes it upon moderation of the comment. I think everyone should check they have it enabled as they may be losing out on a lot of comments they may be getting otherwise - I know I seldom comment on blogs that don't have it enabled, and it's a pain if I first type in a long comment before checking for the comment id option, then I either just discard my comment, or sometimes use my old blogger id which seems such a waste as my blogger blog isn't big or active right now since I devoted more time to my new blog.

Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Teresa, very good and constructive comment there!

Of course one must get to know the dashboard or controlpanel well enough to enable comments from bloggers using other platforms as well.We want our customers, don´t we?

Thanks again!