Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real Jobs

Everyone who has read my blog knows that i believe in revenue sharing programs, even if they need development, of course to last for long.

The latest pay out in Adventures4U became reality and I never had any doubt that Steve would make it with that and now after this turbulence it seems like it will be a promising continuation after all and I especially believe in the revenue stream from TradingGold4Cash back to Adventures.

You can get 70% of the market value for your broken jewelries if you send it to them and they will refine it.You can also become an affiliate for the goldsite and get a maximum of 10% in referral commissions there.

So, again a good revenue sharing program with additional income streams are very good models as far as I can see.

Are you convinced on anything else? You are welcome!

Some believes more in stocks and funds but remember, they also have some risks, and you have to make your own decisions from your experience whatever you put in money in.

I am honest and I always try to recommend the best program I can, but you can´t find any total guarantees, you must get educated on this too and get your experiences as well as training online.

Too many networkers have left this industry in disappointment and why?

Maybe they didn´t got the training they needed, maybe they thought that it would be easier than they thought.Maybe they lost too much money, I don´t know.One thing is for sure though, you have to go forward step by step and give it the time it needs to get educated on this and in your research find the quality programs out there.

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