Friday, September 25, 2009

Revenue Streams On And Offline

It is Friday and I suppose you will enjoy it.
For me it will be online business first and then a good movie and a cozy feeling, that´s Fridays isn´t it?

The new trend when it comes to revenue sharing programs to make them more stabilized and more built for the long term is to find offline revenue streams.More and more of those programs want to find such a combination and I believe that is the right way.


is such a vision to find the continuation for Adventures4U, which now is a private program.TradingGold4Cash has an affilate program you can sign up for there and I have got a couple of sign ups there already.

This goldsite will be the outside revenue stream to Adventures4U.

So, what kind of offline streams should be the best?

The Forex market? Funds? Stocks? Gold and Silver? Mobile phones? 

The founder of the revenue sharing exchange must do the market research and find the best solution there.....

I am saving money in some funds and I am on plus even if I should want it to grow stronger, but everything grows stronger with more knowledge that´s how it is!

The principal to get in profit for every fund and stock is to buy when the curve is on its way up and to have the timing to sell as one can notice that the curve has begin to fall.If you have that timing in it, you will profit on them that way, that´s the principal for every fund and stock.One key thing is to be updated on a professional market analyzis for them too.And you know, long term thinking again.... 


Asmiton said...

I was a member of Adventures-4u too and made me a decent amount of money. Let's

hope Steve will put the program back on track. Right now I moved all my funds

into AdRebatesPro revenue sharing program. It shares 80% of revenue and have a

10% DAILY max cap.

Got paid several times from it. Check my blog about it here

Mattias Kroon said...

Ok, I will get to your blog there Asmiton:)