Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shares Of The Market

Do you want to see changes? Do you want to see improvements?

I have often heard the saying that only 3-5% make any real income from online business.What do you think of that percent? Are you satisfied with that fact or would you like to see a change?

When others succeed, we most likely will succeed more as well! So, if that percent would be 30% instead, it would be a nice win-win situation.

We see many opportunities come and go, and we really would like to see that more of them get more stabilized and are here longer wouldn´t we?

Today we see that many are falling back to old MLM-schemes desperately searching for better programs, but I would think that the answer more is those revenue sharing programs with additional outside revenue streams to get more stabilized.

When we see that many believes that it´s just a matter of starting up a business without any market research or long term plan the answer is simple to why so many are falling after only a short time.

But don´t judge too fast!

We should give at least some chance to them to come up with a good solution and to recover cause in the real world the results goes up and down and if we believe that online business is a curve up all the time we should think twice.

But if they wait too long to come up with a solution then it is too late.... 

So, we must live in reality and compare to the real world all the time.What makes a good business profitable offline? Make that necessary question and come up with your solutions after that AND do a market research to get the good tips on what the trends are right now!

I have begun to put money in some good funds as well, cause even if I earn money online and made some nice results, I need better results.I have done some good affairs when it comes to funds, and good funds should be considered as potential good outside revenue streams for more programs.You should also consider some good stocks in your portfolio!


We want our shares of the market, don´t we?


Don aka D4k9Z said...

Sound advice Find a Good program (Pref With Residual Income) and stick with it,Keep Focused many don't and that is why so many people Fail jumping from one program to another in the Hope of finding the one that actualy pays them.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Don there!

Yes, I find this as the crucial advice to diversify by finding several long term programs and stay in them to get in profit.And you are right, don´t jump from one program to another but focus on the ones that works instead:)