Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stick To The Righteous People!

My group on Facebook called Get Your Blog Followers is growing and has 250 members now.

We have very constructive discussions there about how to develop our blogs and how to make money from them.

I suppose that you have read my former post about different tips on blogging.If you want increased traffic to your blog, you should join our group.

How much do you use social media? When I started out online I solely used traffic exchanges to reach potential customers but today I use social media as much.

To build a friendship first to reach confidence
is the way.You need an own domain, that is crucial both to give a brief overview of what you are doing but also to crawl on the search engines, mattiaskroon.com.

Do you believe in yourself? You will meet those who want to stop what you are doing, are you going to defeat that?

You will meet those who might be jelous, how do you handle that? You will meet those who want to kiss you, will you bless them back?

Bless people and get mad at the evil in this world!

Stick to the righteous people!

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