Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ways That Works

What kind of programs are you looking for?

Long term programs or short term programs?

I have even seen that some are looking for short term programs in this business and who also accept that.

For me that´s not enough.I always look for opportunities that at least have the potential to be online for long.I have many programs to promote and if I don´t get in that many referrals in everyone of them I don´t panic, cause I know if I work on the long term I get in several of them and there are programs where I have hundreds in my downline as well.

Therefore it is very important that models are developed where you aren´t that dependant of getting that many referrals all the time, but where it also can come in revenue streams from the outside.

And in fact, those models will be more of real business than the old models where you have been too dependant of filling those matrices all the time.

By the way, are you building relationships with other networkers or are they still "strangers" for you? For me it´s crucial to build relationships with referrals or associates around the globe, and Skype is a great tool, my username there is poetry71.

I would think that many desperately look for the fast money in this time because the current economic situation, but the solution for you is yet long term programs with reliable admins who can show you that they are deliver what they are claiming.

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Don´t be stressed, but read through the programs FAQ every time and work systematically.

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