Friday, October 30, 2009

An Acrostic For The Followers

This friday it will be time for a poem.My favorite style has always been acrostics and you will understand what an acrostic is about:

Get Your Blog Followers

ive to others and you will recieve

Ecclestiastes tells us, follow wisdom
Talk with your words and you will get them

Yesterday´s post is not too old today
Old wisdom may be useful for you
Under the sun but over the earth
Rise interest and they will come

Behaviour is a key
Long keywords may catch crucial interest
Online you go to make friends and not foe
Gain attraction, colorful design

Find your likewise but write for the public
Overtaken by passion
Last but not least, will you follow?
Limitations? No, I have possibilities!
Overture, words are like music...
Wisdom for ages, we will entertain
Eternity, do we write forever?
Rivers of verses, find your authors
Since we have met, why not spend some time?  

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