Saturday, October 24, 2009

Articles And Poetry

The future of online business will definitely be more productbased than today.Every founder of a program should have to consider this if they want their business to be a long term one.

To make my own business more stabilized and long term I have started to sell articles and poetry besides the products and services I am already an affilate for.I have gathered all the marketing I am doing online under one roof.

I don´t think that every business needs redesigning when things slow down, but it could be the case for many programs as well.I am sure every founder and admin knows what is specific in their situation.

Not every suggestion for changes are good but when a constructive suggestion appears on the scene we should consider that with an open heart.

It is weekend and time for a funny video with a lot of entertainment:


Etier said...

Can you incorporate your business in your country and receive tax benefits by doing so?

Mattias Kroon said...

I am paying the taxes according to the swedish law regarding to international business.No specific benefits, the taxes are based on a 25% deduction of the profits, and as I haven´t had my firm any longer than 1 year and 4 months it isn´t that much of taxes yet, but I am paying them of course on a monthly basis.