Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Challenge

We can´t deny the times we are living in but we need to see the possibilities!

The answer to get better results is always better knowledge and the needed education.You know that I have written about the revenue sharing programs and the need of finding outside revenue streams not to be too dependant of new upgrades all the time.

How to get a new program enough attractive then?

Do a research and find the needed outside revenue streams which brings the needed shares back into a program when it slows down.A flow of money must come from several ways to make it sustainable!

I am sure that some education on funds will make you happier to see that finding the best, can bring the new outside revenue stream that you as an admin for a certain program are looking for.

I don´t like to take too high risks when it comes to funds, but take a look at Genius Funds, they have an interesting model.I wouldn´t consider it to take a too high risk to invest in that funds they have.

And now to some needed education on the forex market, forex trading is a possible outside revenue stream as buying and selling with gold and silver can be:

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