Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I joined a new revenue share today which has been online for only 7 days.It has a long term plan also with plans for outside revenue streams.

It is called Easymoneyshares.

You can join for free and you get 500 targeted text ads or banner impressions when you join.You can upgrade for as little as 5 dollar per share  and you earn 4% daily until you reach 200% in rebates.You don´t have to refer anyone to get paid.

I appreciate when an admin has a clear long term plan from the beginning and another goal of an outside revenue stream from the beginning which I have recommended often on my posts here.

So, I have put in 20 dollars here, and when I had surfed the required 10 sites today I immediately saw the 0,8 dollar in rebates for this first surf today.That´s where we all start to build it up that way and when you have multiple income streams you have several others who have been built up during longer time and where you have cashed out several times on a regular basis.

That´s the way to build online business, with several programs and multiple income streams.

This is the way for every hard working affiliate who wants to see the business growing from day to day!!



LRK said...

I will check this one and thanks for the info...

Mattias Kroon said...

You´re welcome LRK!