Sunday, October 11, 2009

Excitement Not Hype!

What is the difference between true excitement and hype?

You feel excited when you see something you haven´t seen before, when something starts to grow as it has to do with something real you are building on.

Hype on the other hand has to do with a false foundation, something scammers use to fool people of course.Hype is a lie!

If anyone builds his/hers advertising business or any other business on a solid foundation, it should last for a long time and that creates true excitement!

The discussion in blog catalog, get your blogger followers right now really creates excitement! I have got 350 replies there.

I felt when I started that discussion that I was heading towards something bigger there and it is very interesting to read through a variety of blogs where all kinds of bloggers write about different topics.

I read about home designs, movie reviews, reciepts, business blogs, SEO and a lot more.

And I am excited about it, a good feeling.

My own business, Creative Marketing Concept 
is built on a solid foundation, I am doing business long term.

Real business creates excitement and real results, it has nothing to do with Hype! 


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Mattias Kroon said...

You´re welcome mannoy! Follow those tips and they will take you far!