Friday, October 2, 2009

The foundation for democracy

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No person is born as a dull person, this is a lie and we have to get rid of the lies from our lives.As I am a believer I always pray when some nasty lie tries to attack my mind and I always pray for freedom in other peoples lives too.

Now, I am not trying to mix my business with my faith here, but I just have the freedom to speech and my faith is such a thing.We have the right to speak about it, that´s it!

Democracy and its values is based on the right to express opinions and no politician can ever take that freedom from the people.So, be sure to vote for the politicians who take this as seriously as it must be taken so you have your rights even in the future.

Don´t take anything for granted, we have seen enough to understand that it´s not in a time like this!

I am a conservative christian and I confess it cause that´s my right.

I always value very strongly the values that democracy is built on and you should too.

Have a nice weekend!



Victor A. Bueno M. said...

I've not found the word "borned" on

Mattias Kroon said...

True, it shall be born, I made the correction there.I hope you got something out of the rest of the content though....