Thursday, October 15, 2009


Blogging is creative, blogging is an art!
It is to express opinions, whether you have one or the other opinion.Democracy is built on the freedom to speech and therefore it is very important to stick to the foundation of every democracy, namely this kind of freedom that we need.

Do you value the foundation of democracy enough? Well, you should, cause in some nations they are far from it and they can´t take for granted to even vote on what wing they like.

Here in Sweden we saw a leader called Tage Erlander before the sixties and he had a heart for the people and the society at that time had definitely a more solid foundation than today.

Too many youths are growing up today in confusion and without the safety that they had before the sixties.I would like to see more of the safety for people that were more of the normal standard at that time.

Now listen to this beautiful spiritual song by the swedish songartist Carola:



Judy Smith said...

Hi Msttisd,
I loved the video, the song is devine. Thank you for sharing it.
Blogging is indeed art, and I have seen some very creative blogs. I try to keep my blog posts keyword rich with at least one connection to a page on my website. I actually am finding it to be fun. It's a committment too, but so is learning. have a great day

Judy Smith said...

Looks like I am finally here, but having a hard time with the keyboard these days - lol Love ya, Mattias!

Mattias Kroon said...

That is very good Judy!

You are a humble woman:)