Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stabilize the revenues

Now revenue sharing programs are searching for more outside income streams to their programs to stabilize.

With that said, it is of course right to continue to sell advertising also in upgrades.The benefit of the outside streams will be that a revenue stream will come in when things slow down.But it´s important to realize that the upgrades must continue as well, to make the flow stronger again! And not only compounding all the time but also upgrades from the processors, of course.

The outside stream isn´t a replacement for the sales of advertisment but for stabiliziation of the program.

As mentioned before, stay positive and have the right attitude! You decide your own possibilities with what you decide to have for kind of attitudes!  

I will include a second banner here on my blog and I do it because I always appreciate when programs have been online for a longer time.

Now to some entertainmentcheck out this amusing video, a trailer for a coming movie:

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