Friday, October 23, 2009

Hard Work And Moving Forward

Friday.What are you up to today? I am surfing as usual but not searching for anything new to join right now but focusing on the revenue shares and funds I am building on.Some thinks that they will earn more automatically if they join enough of those revenue shares.

I have another strategy.I will focus on those I have and at the same time promote them wherever it is strategical to do so.

I am also doing some marketing on Twitter.It is an exciting community if you get to know other networkers really and not only build your list.

The first traffic exchanges where I started my marketing have I stopped to use them?


But I use revenue shares more cause when I was new in this business several years ago, I hadn´t discover the opportunities where I could earn direct money on advertising packages.

10DollarsWonder is cycling slow now and it requires something special to make this go stronger again.It has existed several years now and that is strong but now it requires improvements if it will move forward in any way.

But remember one thing here! Everything don´t depend on the admin, every opportunity requires efforts and promotion of the members as well.
This opportunity has existed longer than the most do online, just to remember and value that! 

SiteWealthAlertPayClub is definitely one you should give some attention too and check out.A legal program where you make a purchase of 3.25 dollar and you get access to a lot of downloadable products and you get 0.50 dollar for each direct and indirect referral.A perfect program to start with if you are a newcomer.

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