Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playing Games Or Building Business?

I know I may be stubborn from time to time but if networkers always continue to call what they do for "playing games" all the time, we will never see a change to what at least I and many other networkers want to call it, namely business.

My business? Creative Marketing Concept!

This is important cause how you treat and what you decide to call what you are doing online will define your efforts and will define if you are taking your business seriously or not.

So far in online business we have seen many models with different names and I suppose if a founder wants to "play games" his program will look like that and that might be exciting for many, but it isn´t a business because of that.

On the other side, if a founder of a certain program define the program as her business, that will define it and I would think that you got the point now!

"Playing games-programs" are for the most very short term in the motives and structure, while real businesses are built up as solid and long term programs.

How do you want the future of online business to be?

Do you want to play games, or do you want to build a solid business? The choice is yours.

The ones, including me who are building businesses are also branding ourselves very obvious with honest motives and not dubious motives....

The victims? Who are they? We have all lost money here and there, but we learn with experience to chose the right programs who at least have a bigger potential to be online longer.

But I sure can tell you that I have picked winners as well and have got my fair share in that kind of better programs as well:)



xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Unfortunately there are so many shallow programs up in the online money making "business" that its an insult to business to call some models anything more than a game .... too many are set up and are no more than taking a chance.

It is why it is most important to do your research on what you want to get into and dont mistake a program that is no safer than a roulette wheel for a REAL solid opportunity you can work at.

Pity there werent more good solid and real business opportuniites raising their hands abov the scams and high risk programs.

Keep smiling

Mattias Kroon said...

You are right Missi and I have one vision and that is to try as much as I possibly can to do my own research and only recommend those programs who I can recommend to others with a clear conscience.

Thanks for your input, you are a very warm friend!

xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

It is good to know that some people out here arent just pushing programs for the love of money but also for the care of others ... pity there werent more sould online like you.

Hey I was wanting to put a graphic together for the Blog Followers Facebook Group ... before I launched innto it I was wondering what ... if you had any thoughts on anything you would like to see on it in particular. It will just be a small graphic not a full size banner ... although I could do one of them too if you wish ... Just thought it would help to have something eye catching to attract people. I will send you the end results for approval before using and sharing. Let me know.

Take it easy


Mattias Kroon said...

Good idea there Missi! I am sure that if everyone would invite others from the invitation feature to the right on the group site, the growth would increase soon, but you know how busy all are....so this is a very good idea.I also have the links to our group on my domain, http://mattiaskroon.com and on http://poetrymusic.bravehost.com as well.
Good ideas with good ideas to follow, show the end result and I will take a look!