Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Principals

Here again! Hello!

I am saving in some funds besides my online opportunities and the curve on them seems to be going up.Many people are saving in funds and just let an expert take over the responsibility as they haven´t got time to check them up on a daily basis.Well, but if you want to earn any significant income on them you must learn more about funds and stocks as well, the principals are the same.

Chose Genius Funds.

My account there has begun to grow and it seems fine.It´s hard to build your income only on revenue sharing programs even if there are good quality in many of them.

What do you want from your blogging?

Visitors? Followers? Customers?

Many of you have joined Get Your Blog Followers, and the group is growing.We are 276 members now and as many see the interest and vision behind the group they will want to join....


Don Goldwyn said...

Nice to see it is Growing in Numbers

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Don!

Yes, it is very encouraging.I am very grateful for every interesting member.And I am very glad for the engagement, I can see that from the activities in the guestbook for example.

alicia27 said...

I'm still new in the blogging world. You asked, what do we want, followers, etc? Well, I'm gratefully learning from the rest of you! :) Does that count? Of course, I do appreciate followers, comments, etc., but I have found other bloggers quite helpful in helping me grow in my knowledge, which will eventually help me to grow in other areas as well!


Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Alicia!

You have the right attitude and as we have an open mind for new knowledge that makes the learning more easy:)