Monday, October 5, 2009

Send In Your Broken Jewelry

Are you busy now or do you have a moment to spare? Hehe, most of us are busy, but I think some networkers miss out on the real good opportunities sometimes because they are in a hurry and are stressed all the time.

Do the opposite and take time to read through a new site you have plan to join.

Is it long term? What payplan do they have?
What kind of products or services are they selling? Is it too good to be true or does it sound reasonable?

You need to ask yourself those questions and don´t jump on whatever!

I have seen that too many networkers don´t get the necessary training they need, but join some program because some other networkers is claiming that they have the best program on earth.


That is the goldsite where you can get 70% of the market value for your broken jewelry so search for it at home and send it in to them.
They are the refiner!

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