Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something around the corner...

I like the concept of SiteWealthAlertPayClub 
cause you can join for 3.25 dollar and you get access to a lot of downloadable products that you may need on the internet.You can´t get everything for free, right?

Then you get 0.50 dollar for every direct and indirect referral you get in.And if you are rather new to this business, or if you are more experienced with more programs in your portfolio, this is a nice opportunity as well, built on the long term.

As you know, suddenly a downline can start to roll with some efforts from you and others!

There are a lot of programs used in a legal way to fill up your AlertPay account and they are very useful as an add in your portfolio.

Surprises can show up here on my blog and now is the time again.I have respectfully written a new acrostic about the elders and you can enjoy it here:


Ecclestiastes, what have you told us?
Long live the King, or should I say the elders?
Die worthy when you have had enough view of life
Eternity is around the corner, beauty you will see
Rich in life, in soul and you got the the point too

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