Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Be Social

Time for a Wednesday blog!

I am cashing out in several programs this week and I am often, not always but often using the 49/51 model meaning that I am cashing out slightly under the amount I let rollover for that week so my ad packages or shares can continue to grow.

In this industry one must learn how to come into profit so you can earn more in every program than you have put in.And this is easier with the more outside revenue streams more revenue sharing program complete the structure with now.The opportunities I am in are all legal.

Continue to support the programs that you´re in, show your support!

And when do the free members dare to proceed to take the first step and dare to upgrade to earn their first money?

Hehe, I know how it feels.Several years ago, I had hard to take that first step in faith and I was sceptical but I have seen during the years and by avoiding a lot of scams that there are real, profitable opportunities out there!

So, a key to this is branding yourself, other people must see YOU!

YOU must be seen a lot online! YOU must have a lot, lot of traffic to your sites! YOU need to communicate on social communities!

And why not on the biggest?

I am both on Twitter and Facebook.

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