Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Constantly Changing

400 members now on the group on Facebook, Get Your Blog Followers!

I have very good help with invitations from David G Salo, one of my admins there.

Some wants to earn money on a blog by Google adsense and that´s one way.I prefer to write about the long term programs I find so other networkers can sign up under me and get help along the way.

I cannot guarantee that every program are here for years, but I use to do as good research as I can.

I ask myself about the admins and the program:

1.Are they easy to get in contact with?
2.Is the opportunity a long term one?
3.Is the payplan reasonable?
4.Does the admin have a good reputation?
5.Do they payout? 

Those are the main questions to make in the research and I follow them wisely.

A good revenue sharing program which may take the lead is MegaTraffic4U.

What you can notice is not only strong, outside revenue streams but also live webcast, where they are sharing different info and education on the program and other things.Check out that one with a strong foundation for the future!

I am convinced about that good funds are good outside revenue streams for any revenue share that wants to be long term and you can find ratings on funds at Morningstar.My funds went up 71 dollars today, so it is a good thing to get educated on funds and be updated on them.

Be updated cause the surf industry and the revenue sharing programs are constantly changing, even from day to day! 


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