Sunday, November 22, 2009

-The Crucial Design-

You know that doing the right thing is always more blessed to do.You know that your business works better if you are doing it legal and right.Those days we hear that many revenue shares slows down as it is a time before Christmas when people need to spend their money on gifts.

Now to continue,

It is also the design of the program.When we now hear that more revenue sharing programs are adding outside revenue streams, not to mention this every time, but it is extremely important, we still should see some results this period in shares.

And why not include an outside revenue stream with real products which many could be bought as Christmas gifts? :):)Here we go again, development, development....

We members in Adventures4U got an update from Steve yesterday telling us that the first payrun with shares from the goldsite will be done on the first of Dec, and more will follow.

You know when you hear a lot of rumours about this and that and even known networkers claiming things that are not true out from disappointment on a program, you must do the research yourself.And as long as an admin wants to communicate, there should be a reason to stick with a program.In fact, I have been paid very good from Steve so I believe the next payrun will happen after the changes.

It is easy to be affected of others claims, but I have had a positive feeling with this goldsite as it is based on real market research on what is a good trend right now in the business world overall, you should buy gold right now as it seems!

This and other facts make me still believe in this vision and the revenue sharing programs which will make it on the long run will have to include good, market researched, outside revenue shares so the income not only depend on incoming upgrades even if advertising can be purchased as well.

So, with a clever design the revenue sharing programs could rise again from a slow season!

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