Thursday, November 19, 2009


As I have mentioned, the future models of revenue sharing programs are those with outside revenue streams, so they can be long term and not depending only on incoming upgrades.

The most BIG marketers online today believe in this model as the most possible long term!

This is good news! This should make it easier to avoid the scamartists as well as they only want to create "short term" programs and then disappear.

So, now you have a clear sign to make your research after.

Now, to something else....
As you may have read, I write poetry from time to time and thought it was time to publish my latest poem here.It´s a free verse poem and they can be as interesting as the rhyming ones, it is the message as is crucial:


Potential, it has potential
When you can see it, you can do it

Possible, it´s possible
When you have it, it´s yours

Problems, it had to go
When I was focused

Similarities, I am learning
Still I enjoy the experience

Potential, you can do it
We are likeminded people

Possible, you should have faith
Friendseekers, let´s learn from the tree

It stays, even if it blows a hard wind
Potential, you are doing what you didn´t dare before


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