Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teamwork-Let´s make it happen!

When a revenue share slows down it is the outside revenue stream which generate money.
But as members we can´t go on and repurchase all the time of course, real money must be used and new purchases must be done from processors outside.The rollover system is good, but real money must flow in from outside all the time as well, of course and of course again.

Imagine instead if every revenue sharing
program that has slowed down the latest time
would start to rise again? Imagine the good effect and the rings on the water surface then.

That can only happen if they have strong outside revenue streams and if the members continue to upgrade! money must flow from both here and there!

Internet business is always a teamwork, so let´s work as a team, this is never a work of "the lonely wolf". 

As always, every decision must be made out of faith and not fear.Confusion often comes where there is fear.Teamwork is crucial so don´t hide as the loner out there but find a good team to participate where you can recieve and share your ideas, brainstorm and get useful marketing tips to be even more skillful!

Here is an amusing video for YOU:


Gord said...

Excellent article Mattias. Although the surfs on a whole are completely passive and referrals are a bonus, it's the support given my members aa a whole that keeps a program running.

Mattias Kroon said...

Right Gord! Well expressed from one with enough experience:) I always believe in Teamwork!