Friday, November 20, 2009

What Model?

Don´t judge too fast! We often hear that some networkers who gets disappointed on a certain program starts to condemn the model that this certain program represent and draws conclusions quickly.

Sometimes I write that MLM aren´t my favorites.

Now, this doesn´t mean that every MLM is illegal, it means that I like other models instead.

This is very important as we often hear about those judgements all the time over a certain model, and I think it´s a big mistake, if the model still is legal.

It is more a question of taste and nothing else.

Sometimes I also hear those claims of "riskfree" business, and where do you find that?

It simply doesn´t exist.I always want to recommend the best program, of course and I use to recommend that if someone wants to upgrade, do it with 10 or 20 dollars to build it up from that, don´t take too high risks!

Always have faith and vision in whatever you market and as I use to say, be a Creative Marketer

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