Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are investments the new trend?

Should we believe in a new trend of internet programs after the revenue sharing programs, which still exists of course, but a lot of them have crashed?

Yes I think so.I have begun to join some of what they call HYIP:s and now some begin to think....
I know, I know, I wasn´t so fascinated of those before and in the past many of them have been scams, but some developments have been done in those, and more of them are heading for the long term now.

The crucial thing about them are that when you place your money in such a program, you invest in something real, whether it´s funds, the forex market or betting, for example, it´s real business and it isn´t depending on getting referrals under you who upgrades, even if you get some commissions on that which differs from program to program.

And I would believe that more investment programs are going to call their model something else as they want to be considered as low to middle risk program and not necessarily the highest risk programs.

So, are you abandoning the revenue sharing programs now?

No, not those which are going to have sustainable outside revenue streams, such as really delivers!

When it comes to investment programs, you have to do your research as always, of course and a very good source for that is Money-News-Online.com.

There you can find your interviews with different admins and you should definitely consider those who have been online for long.

The most reliable so far is Genius Funds.


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Mattias Kroon said...

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Mattias Kroon said...

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