Sunday, December 13, 2009

Build With Patience

Patience is a hard word for many in a society where many wants the fast cash.You have heard all the warnings about the "get rich quick schemes" and so on....especially in this time before Christmas.And it´s true, we must be aware of those risks and avoid the scams.

But there is another problem in this industry and it is that few members stay in good programs to build their income up in that good, long term program cause as soon as a new opportunity arises with "a fantastic promise of a higher ROI" then everyone runs to that program instead.

Of course everyone is allowed to chose what program to be in, but if you ever want to build up a significant income, you should be loyal in good programs, even if it ocassionally goes down a period.

Build with patience in a time when many want things to happen "overnight".

Have you ever heard the advice not to jump on next opportunity all the time? Of course, if you have got the need you should do your research carefully and find one, but sometimes I give the advice not to jump on "the next train" to instead build up the income in an opportunity that is likely to stay for long.

Find your trustworthy programs and stick with them and work in a team as well!

Here is:

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