Friday, December 4, 2009

Common Sense

Are you a forgiving person? We all know how difficult this is, and as we are facing strange situations were some people do harm to us in a mean way we have to try to forget, but we all know how diffcult this is!

This world is complicated and we have to get through the most difficult passages sometimes.

Have you heard the saying:"Take the evil things with the good"?

That is surely the most useful expression in such a situation. 
Try to stay positive and smile the death in its face!

So, what is happening today? I am waiting for a new payment from Adventures4U but first they decided only to pay those who were not in profit, but then our adpoints were put back again after a change in their hearts.

That was a nice change!

I wasn´t so glad when I first found my adpoints were gone as I once have paid for them, but suddenly after this good change, they put it back for me and others who are in profit.

And why not? 

We have paid for them, we have brought in referrals, we have worked hard for the results and should be able to reap the rewards as well as others who are doing so.

There have been many turns with Adventures4U  and now they have to reestablish confidence again.With common sense and change of heart, that can be possible.....

An admin always have to be humble and listen to their heart, even if they of course, have to have sound rules as well.

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