Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Engine

Today´s post is about giving gifts to others.And of course, to have the aware purpose of doing so.

Am I getting paid directly for writing my blog? No, but as I am getting in paying members in the legal programs I am marketing one could say that I am indirectly getting paid that way.

I want to have the quality of content on my blog so networkers have very good use of the education I am giving.It´s like courses, but I am giving it for free, so that others can learn from it.

Giving gifts exist offline, but it is even more obvious online, you give something for free, and when others see the quality in what you are doing, the products and services you are marketing, they want to upgrade and buy more as well.

To have the nature of giving to others is like one of the basic element in online business, greediness on the other hand, always destroys what you are building up in its nature of selfishness.

I have written about the importance of sound models in this business, however, this is not enough, a generous mentality and giving gifts to others are also a driving engine in today´s online business.

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