Monday, December 28, 2009


I am on plus 446 dollars with my funds and they are growing at a nice path.

You should really take a good look at Morningstar to be updated on which funds you should invest in.

They have professionals and they do not give a certain fund a five star without reason!

There you can always read about what traps to avoid, what funds that are the most promising and so on....

You deserve the best! Invest where there are real good returns on your investments.Of course, we see different investment programs come up now and we will see more in 2010, but you should combine this with searching for promising funds at Morningstar!

Prepare for joining the most promising opportunities in early 2010, cause they use to appear then, especially in early Januar!

This revenue share is one you should join:

I haven´t been paid there yet, I am building up my earnings.However, with their model of several outside revenue streams it should grow at a nice path in 2010.

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