Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preaching Today....

Let me go straight to the point.If you mean New Age or something when you talk about to stay positive I don´t agree with you 5 seconds cause I don´t know one single human being who have been set free by New Age.New Age declares that there is no sin and I don´t believe in that.

I don´t use to write about religious beliefs here but today will be an exception that´s for sure.

We are living in a time when there is a war against every sound foundation of christian belief and this is causing a lot of confusion in today´s society.

I can´t and I will not be quiet about this war against sound foundation which is also the real foundation to democracy.When others can have their freedom to speech why shouldn´t we christians have the same right?

You should read the revelation book and be aware of what time we are living in....

Run your business with joy but as soon as the love for money and greediness take over in your life you are lost to the devil.God wants you to handle money with wisdom and by his principals.

Be warned in a time like this not to be too absorbed in the spirit of this world, cause the prophesies will be fulfilled....

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