Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Winner Takes It All

I recieved affiliate commissions of 38.10 dollars today in Genius Funds and this is the best opportunity right now not only when it comes to investment programs but also when it comes to opportunities overall.

So, now I am waiting for a payment of 35 dollars from there.

A later update:I recieved my payment from them on time as always:)

I am successful in my marketing and I know I have the right concept and tips for you to follow in my Creative Marketing Concept.

Is it hard for you to make money online?

It is always a learning curve to learn how to do it but you should definitely learn from experienced marketers like I and others so you won´t go astray in the jungle.

I hate when I hear about too many with too little experience are getting scammed by the scamartists online or by some kind of tricky fraud and I am the first to warn you about them.

You should always check out facts about certain statuses of opportunities at Moneymakersgroup, for example.It is a wellrun forum with updated statuses for different models and opportunities.

Now to some entertainment, check out this video with the former ABBA from Sweden:


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follow my blog. i promise i will follow yours.