Sunday, December 20, 2009

Your strategy and preparing

Are you ready for the new year in the midst of Christmas times?

Many businesses will catch up in the beginning of next year, at least I believe so.It use to be so, traditionally....

So, prepare for new marketing campaigns, set your budget and chose where and how much to upgrade with.In slower times you have to use them as "preparing times" and be ready when next, strong period comes.You have to have your strategies ready then and be efficient in your marketing online and perhaps even offline.

1.Prepare for the next, strong period 2.Use your experience and improve slightly
3.Proove your service
4.Set up your marketing strategies
5.Set your budget
6.Don´t ever be greedy! 

Think like this, ok, this is a slower time, so it is an opportunity for you to strengthen your marketing plan and really get in more sales than ever in the next "up period".

Always learn from others and take the wisdom with you!

MegaTraffic4U will have a better percent of revenue shares this week as more members have upgraded and the new site is soon ready, check it out and notice the several outside revenue streams that they have! I am building up my earnings in my balance here and will request a withdrawal eventually.

Time to surf again, look at this amusing video now:  


Marshall said...

Is great piece. I have learned alot from this advise. KEEP IT UP!


Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Marshall!

And that was the genuine purpose of the post.Welcome again!