Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are YOU a Hero?

What am I going to blog about today? You know, when I am writing a post I must have that special to blog about, I work like that.

You know, if you want to catch peoples attention you have to have that "catcher" in your writings.

Another tip, try to have some variation in your blogging, otherwise you are loosing peoples attention.Therefore I try to vary the opportunities I am writing about, although when there is something important to update in a specific program you should mention it.

You have to have that interesting stuff to blog about to keep networkers attention and always look for new ways to improve your skills.

When you run a blog you should update rather often, of course, but be also aware that you need to have that "interesting stuff" and improve it slightly from day to day.

Are you serious about your blogging?

Take those tips with you:

1.Attitude is everything
2.Adjust things when it is needed
3.Respect your readers
4.Take responsibility for your content

Are YOU a hero?

Last but not least, this weekend´s music video with the great David Bowie:


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