Friday, January 8, 2010

Fields Of Blogs

I joined a new investment program yesterday and it is called FX Star.

You can start to invest from 10 dollars and they have an option to reinvest later as well.Some believes that this can be as good as the leaders amongst investment opportunities and they are buying and selling with foreign exchanges.

It is obvious that investments are on the rise right now and even if you always need to do your research it is obvious that many of the investment opportunities that grows quickly now want to have a better reputation and want to be more safe than the early HYIP:s of this industry.Many years ago there were very few, safe investments overall.But as always, do your research!

Have I forgot all the revenue sharing programs now then? Not at all, but I am aware that I need to diversify and I want different kind of programs in my portfolio!

And as always, avoid every program where they try to promise a ridicoulus high return on investment, cause that kind of "get rich quick schemes" are always scams and ponzischemes!

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